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Sixteenth Annual
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Saturday April 10, 2021
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Schedule of Live Sessions
Saturday April 10 on Microsoft Teams


11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Conncurrent Thematic Session 1

12:20 pm - 1:20 pm


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Researcher(s) Presentation
Hena Cevro Ethical challenges of online education during the COVID-19 pandemic
Sophia Jackson & Emily Fox The virtual COVID-19 classroom: Surveying outcomes, individual differences, and technology use in college students
Becky Ahikiriza Coping with COVID-19
Mallory Copeland Prior Counseling Exposure as a Predictors of Coping During COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine
Rosol Alfteah & Kaiden Lee SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies and COVID-19 on the College of Idaho Campus


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Researcher(s) Presentation
Erin Walker Am I a Fine Wine or Sour Milk?: Self-Esteem and Age
Sadie Dittenber Reminders of Nightfall
Kenzie Sanchez Puerto Rican Early Twentieth Century Advocacy for Anti-Exploitation: Luisa Capetillo
Nichole Giesy Gender Inequalities, Latin American Women's Importance in Politics and the Meaning Behind Being a Woman in Politic
Caroline Yannelli The Lady with the Lamp and The Future Trajectory of the Field of Nursing
Marie Zigova Comparing false memory paradigms: DRM and Misinformation Effect


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Researcher(s) Presentation
Robyn Griffitts-Harper Queering the Monster
Rebecca Raney Costume Design: Creating the Character
Leticia Cancax Cua Analyzing the Way People Talk about Suicide: Language and Stigma
Krista Hamel Exploration of Literary Craft
Sam Bedolla Perception and Adult Social Interactions


 Session Video

Researcher(s) Presentation
Aspen DeWitt Stage Manager - Because Stages Don't Manage Themselves
Shanaya Fox College students and COVID-19: Adaptability may reduce potential decline in psychological well-being
Samary Shannen Guerra Báez Inside the lives of exceptional refugee children
Stephanie Hamilton-Rubio, Celeste Horton & Karina Llanes Exploring Experiences of College of Idaho Advocates
Emerson Worrell From Security Risk to Acceptance: Rise in the LGBTQ+ Movement


 Session Video

Researcher(s) Presentation
Kayden Stockdale & Abigail Guinn Analyzing the Use of Laptops and Smartphones in Academics
Brittany Lewis Dangerous Thoughts and Actions: Anxiety and Driving Behavior
Makenzie Stapley Building a Catalogue of YellowBalls
Spencer Lambert Preliminary Understandings of the Impact of Assistive Technologies for Learning in Higher Education
Marlon Galvis Mapping Colombia's Internal Conflict
Latdavone Vilaysouk Mapping the impacts of sediment trapping and sea-level rise on rice production in the Mekong Delta

Conncurrent Thematic Session 2

1:25 pm - 2:25 pm


 Session Video

Researcher(s) Presentation
Julene Elias Motherhood and Trauma in Mark Danielewski's House of Leaves/td>
Maddie Villarreal & Kaiden Lee A review on the effects of electronic cigarette fluids on osteoblast-like Saos-2 cells
Kaiden Lee & Maddie Villarreal Impact of flavored JUUL electronic cigarette liquids on human osteoblast-like Saos-2 cells
Lily Kennedy Stardust to Stardust Scenic Design Concept
Greg E. Azih Believe Perseverance: How our thoughts can be manipulated


 Session Video

Researcher(s) Presentation
Ryan Wilson & Michael Ippolito COIVD-19 Sensation Loss, Social Isolation, Anxiety, Depression and Stress
Jacob Klassen Biking vs Rowing effect on VO2 max results in collegiate swimmers
Calysta Thurston & Shanaya Fox Tardigrade-Specific Dsup Protein has Protective Effects Against the Chemotherapeutic Drug Temozolomide
Sophia Jackson The Relationship Between Diet and Mental Health: Assessing Dietary Intake Patterns and Depressive Symptoms in College Students
Stephanie Hamilton-Rubio BIPOC Experiences with Racial Trauma at the College of Idaho


 Session Video

Researcher(s) Presentation
Adam McLean & Hritik Rawat
Demetreus Taua
Daniel Hagopian
Walker Goldy
Hayden Krause

Panel Discussions

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Panelists Topic
Omotayo Akingba, Dharma Koffer, and Adnan Sose
Casey Carmona, Robin Camp, Maddison Clark, Mungo Ligoya, and Charles Rehdorf
Margo Harness, Kaiden Lee, and Erin Walker
Diane Mbahoze, Hannah Brefo, and Damaris Rueda
Abby Cheng, Marlon Galvis, Emma Guyer, Karina Llanes, Danielle Priso Mbappe

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