Albertson College of Idaho
Albertson College of Idaho
2006 - 2007 Catalog

General Information

We believe that a liberal arts education is one of the wisest investments a student can make. The college further believes that good scholarship performance should be rewarded, regardless of a family's ability to finance an education. No qualified student should be denied the right to pursue this type of post secondary education because of a lack of financial resources.

A college education represents a major financial undertaking. The Office of Student Financial Aid Services is eager to work with students to help them develop an educational funding strategy. Working closely with each student, the college seeks to identify and obtain maximum funding from all available sources with a combination of scholarships, grants, loans and work.

Students who complete the financial aid process in a timely manner and are pre-registered have an advantage in the awarding process. Information must be provided within the deadline outlined in each student's correspondence or aid may be held or canceled.

Albertson College uses a combination of federal aid methodology and institutional policy to provide a uniform method to assess a family's financial strength and to estimate the expected family contribution (EFC) toward the student's cost of education (COE - the student expense budget). The COE includes tuition, fees, books and supplies, room, board, personal expenses and transportation allowance.

All students are encouraged to file a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) form for:

Per IRS guidelines, scholarships and grants received in excess of the amount used to pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment (not including room and board)  are considered taxable income for U.S. income tax purposes. It is the student's responsibility to report this income on their tax return.

Students will receive a financial aid letter after acceptance for enrollment and receipt of application materials. Students are asked to accept or decline their financial awards within 21 days of receipt of their award letter. Students must submit a $300 new student fee if they choose to attend. Students are expected to read, sign and return a copy of the Awards Letter/Conditions of Awards Statement included in the award package.

Since changes occur regularly in federal regulations concerning financial aid programs, the information in this catalog may change without notice. Additional information about financial aid can be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid Services.