Albertson College of Idaho
Albertson College of Idaho
2006 - 2007 Catalog

Academic Standing

Students are placed on academic probation at the end of any fall or spring semester in which their cumulative grade point average falls below 2.00. Students remain on probation until their cumulative grade point average reaches the minimum 2.00 standard.

Any student on probation who does not earn a minimum 2.00 semester grade point average in either a Fall or Spring semester will be dismissed from the college. Any student who has been dismissed may petition the Admissions Committee for readmission. All petitions must include:

Students who have been dismissed may be considered for readmission upon presentation of evidence of ability to do satisfactory college work. Normally, the Admission Committee expects at least 12 semester credits completed elsewhere, with no grade below a C. Students who have been dismissed may not enroll in any classes at Albertson College unless they have the permission of the Admissions Committee. Such permission will be granted only in exceptional cases.