Albertson College of Idaho
Albertson College of Idaho
2006 - 2007 Catalog

Pass-Fail Option

At any time before the Monday of the ninth week of instruction (fall and spring semesters) or the Monday of the fourth week of instruction (winter session), a student may elect to take a course on a Pass-Fail basis by filing a form with the registrar. The choice is, as of the limiting dates noted, irrevocable.


Note: Since the mark of P indicates any assigned grade of D- or above, students should be aware that some postgraduate institutions may discount grade-point averages.

In some programs, such as study abroad, only Pass-Fail marks may be recorded. These courses, in which students have no option for letter grades, may be exempt from the limitations listed above. Students must request a waiver of limitation with the Foreign Study Committee at the time they file the application for overseas study with the committee. The student must also file an academic petition for the waiver.