Liberal Arts Core

The Liberal Arts Core introduces students to the different ways of knowing the world and provides exposure to a variety of disciplines. At some point, all people wonder about the meaning and purpose of their lives and the features that make a life truly worth living. The faculty at Albertson College of Idaho believes that a liberal arts education can help prepare people to face these inevitable questions.

In addition, we recognize that humans find meaning and pursue truth in their lives in many different ways. Some individuals find profound meaning through creative expression or through appreciation of the arts, while others search for meaning through books or language, or through past human experience. Still others find their lives most meaningful when they see themselves in the context of the workings of the natural world or within the patterns of social interaction. We believe that individuals are most successful in both the professional and social spheres when they are prepared to seek meaning through various paths.

Albertson College of Idaho consequently supports a broad-based general education program. The Liberal Arts Core exposes students to the multiple perspectives of the disciplines within the liberal arts, while also helping students develop their own analytical and creative abilities. The curriculum also enables students to recognize the relationships among traditional disciplines.

The Liberal Arts Core offers students a number of choices as they pursue requirements. Because some majors or programs of study recommend that students complete certain Liberal Arts Core courses, we recommend that students who are interested in a particular course of study consult the catalog description of that program, as well as their academic advisor.