The Degree

A student may earn a bachelor of arts degree at Albertson with a major chosen from a variety of fields. If preferred, students who major in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics) or in physical education may be awarded a bachelor of science degree instead of a bachelor of arts degree. Although a student may have more than one major, it is not possible to earn a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science simultaneously.

Candidates for graduation in spring or summer of any year must make formal application in the Office of the Registrar not later than May of the preceding year. Candidates for graduation in fall or winter must make formal application no later than the February of the preceding academic year. Candidates for graduation under dual-degree programs must make formal application not later than October of their junior year.

Students may qualify for graduation under the Liberal Arts Core of any year in which they are regularly enrolled, provided the catalog listing the requirements went into effect not more than six years prior to the year of graduation. Courses completed in fulfillment of the Liberal Arts Core may, if appropriate, be allowed to satisfy more than one requirement. (A course may, for example, fulfill both the Cultural Diversity requirement and part of the Social Sciences requirement.) The total number of credits granted for the course, however, will remain consistent with the course description.