Lower Division Courses

ART-100 Drawing and Composition 3.0 cr.

A study of the principles and elements of composition using an extensive selection of drawing media. Primary focus is on black and white. Extra fee. Limited enrollment. (FINE ARTS)

ART-101 Basic Painting 3.0 cr.

Instruction in the basic principles of painting composition. Emphasis will be on the individual's creative development through the exploration of both opaque and transparent media. Extra fee. Limited enrollment. (FINE ARTS)

ART-103 Ceramics 3.0 cr.

A basic introduction to pottery and sculptural forms in clay, using both hand and wheel methods. The course includes instruction in a variety of glazing and firing techniques, such as stoneware, raku, and low fire glazing. Extra fee. Limited enrollment. (FINE ARTS)

ART-106 Basic Photography 2.0 cr.

A study of basic techniques in lighting, exposure, developing, printing, and a chromic composition. Extra fee. Limited enrollment. (FINE ARTS)

ART-114 Desk Top Publishing 2.0 cr.

An introductory studio course devoted to graphic design and desktop publishing. Course will address topics such as design, text, color and technical skills with computer graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Extra fee. (FINE ARTS)

ART-115 Digital Imaging 2.0 cr.

This introductory studio courses will explore the creation of digital art and collage on the computer using Adobe Photoshop. Course will also cover design and composition through the manipulation of digital images and the study of both traditional and new art. Extra fee. (FINE ARTS)

ART-123 Introduction to Computer Graphics 1.0 cr.

Winter. A study of two dimensional graphics programs and desktop publishing. Design elements of line, shape, and color are also addressed in this studio course. Extra fee. Limited enrollment. (FINE ARTS)

ART-125 Introduction to Raku Ceramics 3.0 cr.

Winter. A studio course exploring basic ceramic techniques, pottery design, and the Japanese quick fire method of Raku. Extra fee. Limited enrollment. (FINE ARTS)

ART-128 Understanding Spirit in Art & Culture 3.0 cr.

(Same as ATH-128.) Winter. This course will examine a variety of cultural groups where artistic, spiritual, and cultural experience are integrated or woven into the fabric of life as a whole. It will focus on Native American and other cultures where ritual, art, and daily life are not compartmentalized. The course will also include cross-cultural case studies and field trips. (FINE ARTS and SOCIAL SCIENCE and CULTURAL DIVERSITY)

ART-129 Web Design 2.0 cr.

Winter. This introductory studio course will address visual and functional design in websites using Dreamweaver. Topics such as design, usability, navigation, hyperlinks, text and images will be covered. Extra fee.(FINE ARTS)

ART-130 Introduction to Design 3.0 cr.

A lecture and studio experience providing a conceptual basis for organizing both two- and three-dimensional space. Issues of line, color, shape and form will be explored through a variety of media. Extra fee. Limited enrollment. (FINE ARTS)

ART-140 Native American Art & Literature 3.0 cr.

Winter. (Same as ENG-140). This course will offer students an opportunity to see the connection between Native American art and literature. The focus will be on Navajo and Pueblo traditions involving word and image. Authors will include Leslie Silko and Scott Momaday. (FINE ARTS and CULTURAL DIVERSITY and HUMANITIES)

ART-141 Introduction to the Arts of Native America 3.0 cr.

Winter. Alt. Years. A survey of the native arts of North America. Includes rock art, pottery, basketry, painting, sculpture, and weaving. Lectures will address the philosophical ideas common to many of the indigenous arts of North America. (FINE ARTS and CULTURAL DIVERSITY)

ART-199T Special Topics in Art 1.0 cr.

Fall, winter, spring. These one-credit introductory topics offer students a variety of hands-on studio experiences. All courses will address basic design principles and artistic concepts, and will allow students to explore a variety of media. Topics may include: Handmade Paper and Books, The Sketchbook, The Ceramic Cup, Small Works, Color, Graphic Design, Artistic Transformations of the Human Body, and The Spirit of the Land. Extra fee. (FINE ARTS) See courses listed below:

ART-230 Introduction to Sculpture 3.0 cr.

A studio course exploring a variety of media and techniques including modeling, carving, and assemblage. Related lectures explore the historical context of sculptors' approach. Extra fee. Limited enrollment. (FINE ARTS )

ART-239 Ancient to Medieval 3.0 cr.

An introduction to basic art history terms and concepts and a survey of major western art works from pre-history to Fourteenth-century Europe. The course may include cross-cultural comparisons to place the works in the wider context of world art. (FINE ARTS)

ART-240 Renaissance to Modern 3.0 cr.

A survey of key developments in the history of western art from Fifteenth-century Europe to the present. Attention will be given to technical developments and sociopolitical conditions effecting art production. Cross-cultural comparisons may be made. (FINE ARTS)

ART-294 Independent Study 1.0 to 3.0 cr.

Fall, winter, spring. Prereq: Permission. Readings and research in art history for those with no previous art history background. This course does not fulfill the Liberal Arts Core requirement for independent work. See independent study guidelines.