Lower Division Courses

ATH-101 Cultural Anthropology 3.0 cr.

Winter 2009. An introductory course in cultural anthropology. A comparative study of communities and small scale societies that lie on the periphery of the industrial world, focusing on their life, economic/political institutions and religious/artistic traditions, using various models of interpretation. (SOCIAL SCIENCES)

ATH-128 Understanding Spirit in Art & Culture 3.0 cr.

(Same as ART-128.)  This course will examine a variety of cultural groups where artistic, spiritual, and cultural experience are integrated or woven into the fabric of life as a whole. It will focus on Native American and other cultures where ritual, art, and daily life are not compartmentalized. The course will also include cross-cultural case studies and field trips. (FINE ARTS and CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCES.)

ATH-202 Cultural Diversity 3.0 cr.

Winter. An examination of the range of human cultures through the perspective of Cultural Anthropology. The course work will include selected case studies and theoretical constructs, including the concepts of culture, ethnic identity, and cultural pluralism.  (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCES)

ATH-206 Native North Americans 3.0 cr.

A survey of Native American Indian cultures in different regions of North America, including their social/economic structures, world views, artistic traditions, and their histories before and after European contact. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCES)

ATH-249 Natives of South America 3.0 cr.

An examination of the indigenous peoples and their cultures in the Amazon and the Andes, including contemporary economics, religion, social organization, politics, the arts, and issues of current concern. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCES)

ATH-253 Contemporary Mexican Society & Culture 3.0 cr.

An examination of the nature and structure of contemporary Mexican society (social, economic and political organization) of both indigenous and dominant cultures. Also included for study are issues of current concern such as urbanization, migration and transnationalism, ethnicity and indigenismo, and employment.  (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCES)

ATH-260 Peoples of the Andes 3.0 cr.

An in-depth examination of the contemporary indigenous and urban people of the Andes and their cultures, including contemporary economics, religion, politics, social organization the arts and issues of current concern. As part of the immersion experience, students will focus on Cusco, Peru, and will integrate their learning with field participation and experience in Cusco and nearby indigenous villages, markets, artisan workshops, and religious festivals. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCES)

ATH-294 Independent Study 1.0 to 3.0 cr.

Fall, winter, spring. Prereq.: One course in anthropology and permission. Readings in a specific area of anthropology, requiring a formal paper summarizing the study. This course does not fulfill the Liberal Arts Core requirement for independent work. See independent study guidelines.