Lower Division Courses

HIS-101 Pre-Modern Western Civilization: Ancient 3.0 cr.

Fall, spring. A survey of the history of Mesopotamian and Mediterranean civilization from the ancient world to 1000 C.E. (Civilization, PRE-MODERN)

HIS-102 Pre-Modern Western Civilization: Medieval to the Revolutionary Era 3.0 cr.

Fall, spring. A survey of the history of European and Mediterranean civilization from 1000 C.E. to the era of the Atlantic Revolutions. (Civilization, PRE-MODERN)

HIS-103 Modern Western Civilization 3.0 cr.

Fall, spring. A survey of the history of Western civilization from the era of the French Revolution to the present. (Civilization, MODERN)

HIS-105 Pre-Modern World Civilizations 3.0 cr.

Fall, spring. A survey of world history from ancient river civilizations to 1500. (Civilization, PRE-MODERN)

HIS-106 Modern World Civilizations 3.0 cr.

Fall, spring. A survey of world history focusing on the emergence of international economic and political systems and cultural exchange from the 15th century to the present.  (Civilization, MODERN)

HIS-200 Introduction to the History of the United States 3.0 cr.

Fall. An introduction of the basic themes, issues and personalities of American history from precolonial times to the present.

HIS-294 Independent Study 1.0 to 3.0 cr.

Fall, winter, spring. Prereq.: Permission. Reading or research in history as approved by the instructor. This course does not fulfill the Liberal Arts Core requirement for independent work. See independent study guidelines.