Lower Division Courses

POE-100 Essentials of American Government 3.0 cr.

An introduction to the institutions of the American government and political system, including political parties, the media and interest groups. (SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-120 International Politics 3.0 cr.

A survey examination of the actors and issues in global politics. Emphasis is placed on conceptual, analytical, and theoretical foundations of the field. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-199 Model United Nations I 1.0 cr.

Fall, Winter. A study of international diplomacy through simulation exercises of the United Nations and related international organizations. Topics will vary according to the current agenda of international policy making. As international issues can range from terrorism and war to climate change and health care students from all majors and backgrounds are encouraged to enroll. May be repeated for credit. Only three credits of POE-199 and POE-399 (Model United Nations II) will count toward a major in the Political Economy department. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-205 Social Order & Disorder 3.0 cr.

An introductory exploration of the problem of social order through the eyes of select modern thinkers. Emphasis is placed on the problems of international order and development. Perspectives from bio-politics, biogeography, political culture, rational choice, and various theories of international political economy are considered. Readings include works by Adam Smith, Alexis de Tocqueville, Sigmund Freud, Frans de Waal, Clifford Geertz, Kenneth Waltz, Francis Fukuyama, Jared Diamond, and others. (SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-240 The Legal Process 3.0 cr.

Alt. years. An introductory examination of the legal process and the role of law in society. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-241 Introduction to Public Policy 3.0 cr.

An introduction to the public policy process and the analysis of specific public policies. (SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-250 Introduction to Political Philosophy 3.0 cr.

An introduction to the major themes of political philosophy. (SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-255 American Foreign Policy 3.0 cr.

An examination of the trends and dilemmas related to American foreign policy. Emphasis is on America's foreign policy style as a superpower from World War II to the present as well as debates over America's interests, obligations, and policy options. (SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-260 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3.0 cr.

A comparative study of governments and political activity. Industrial democracies, transitional democracies, and various forms of authoritarian rule are examined. Case studies are drawn from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-263 Introduction to Political Economy 4.0 cr.

Fall. Prereq.: MAT-123.1 or MAT-151 and sophomore standing or instructor permission. An introduction to classical political economy philosophies and the economic principles that were developed in response to such philosophies. These principles will be used to promote understanding of how economic considerations constrain and influence political decisions and processes. (SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-299 Evidence, Proof, & Knowledge 3.0 cr.

An introduction to scientific inquiry, search strategies for acquiring data, political science methods for evaluating data and statistical techniques for analyzing data. Students pursuing a major or a minor in Political Economy or International Political Economy must complete the introductory core before enrolling in this course. (SOCIAL SCIENCE)

POE-299T. Special Topics in Political Economy 1.0 to 3.0 cr.

May be offered any term. Prereq.: Permission. Study of selected areas of politics and economics not available in the regular curriculum.  See course listed below.

POE-299T.2 American Political Leadership Through Biography 3.0 cr.

Winter. This course examines American political leadership through the use of political biographies of U.S. presidents and other significant personalities as they interact with great political events to better understand what is entailed in political leadership. Course includes readings from political biographies such as Edmund Morris's Theodore Rex; Doris Kerns Goodwin's No Ordinary Time and Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln; David McCullough's John Adams and Truman; Robert Caro's The Years of Lyndon Johnson; Lou Cannon's President Reagan: The Role of a Life; and others. (SOCIAL SCIENCE)