Upper Division Courses

SOC-301 Women in the World 3.0 cr.

Winter. Prereq.: SOC-100 or permission. A cross-cultural analysis of the status and well being of women in developed and developing nations in areas such as education, work, marriage, family, civil rights, health and longevity including national and international policies affecting women's lives. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-302 Gender & Society 3.0 cr.

Fall 2008. An introduction to the study of gender as a basic organizing principle in primarily industrial societies. Includes theories of gender development, sex and gender differences, gender socialization, inequalities in productive and reproductive spheres, and prospects for change. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-303 Visual Sociology 3.0 cr.

Winter. A study of the photographic observation as a method of sociological investigation, including analysis and criticism of documentary photography and the historical uses of visual imagery. (SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-308 The Sociology of Witch Hunts 3.0 cr.

Winter. This course focuses on types of mass hysteria known as witch hunts, including the persecution of women as witches in the early modern era, the 20th century Red Scare and 1950s McCarthyism, and the WWII internment of Japanese Americans. It also considers possible emergent witch hunts such as gay bashing, the satanic scare, and the war on drugs. (SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-320 Family Sociology 3.0 cr.

Fall 2008. A study of the history of the family and family systems in primarily industrial societies. Includes romantic love and mate selection, marriage and parenting, family dysfunction, and the criteria for marital success. (SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-323 Socialization & the Life Course 3.0 cr.

Spring 2009. A study of the social influences on human development and important concepts and debates regarding socialization and life cycle development. Includes theories of socialization, the role of family, school, peers and the media as agents of socialization. (SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-330 Criminology 3.0 cr.

Spring 2009. A general survey of crime in the United States. Includes theories of crime and delinquency, societal responses to crime, and the social organization of correctional agencies. Includes field trips to local corrections institutions. (SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-349 Social Stratification 3.0 cr.

An examination of the processes by which people become differentiated from one another and arranged in graded strata based on social class, race, ethnicity, and gender with varying degrees of wealth, power, and prestige. Attention will be given to classical and modern theories explaining the causes and consequences of stratification, as well as to changes in social inequality over time. (SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-350 Social Movements 3.0 cr.

Fall 2008. A study of the historical and contemporary organized attempts to cause or prevent social change with an emphasis on social movement theories and literature. (SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-360 Race & Ethnic Relations 3.0 cr.

Fall. An investigation of ethnic groups, minorities, and race in plural societies, ethnic relations in historical perspective and in the United States, theories about ethnic conflict, prejudice and discrimination, and future scenarios for multiethnic societies. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY and SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-368 The Prison Experience 6.0 cr.

(Same as ENG-368) Winter. Prereq.: permission. An opportunity to learn firsthand about prisons and prison life as students read prison-related texts in sociology and literature and as they write in response to what they read and what they see at local correctional institutions. Authors will include Jimmy Santiago Baca, Jerome Washington, Malcom X, and Agnes Smedley. (3 credits HUMANITIES and 3 CREDITS SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-480 Sociological Theories 3.0 cr.

A study of the history and development of theories of society and group behavior. Classical and contemporary sociological theories emphasized. (SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-490 Seminar in Social Research 3.0 cr.

(Same at ATH 490) Prereq.: SOC-100 or ATH-101 or permission. An introduction to the methods of qualitative field research and data analysis. Student s will formulate and carry out an independent research project and formally present the results. (INDEPENDENT WORK and SOCIAL SCIENCES)

SOC-494 Independent Study 1.0 to 3.0 cr.

Fall, winter, spring. Prereq.: Permission. Intensive reading or field research in a specific area of sociology, requiring a formal paper summarizing the study. See independent study guidelines. (INDEPENDENT WORK)

SOC-497 Internship 1.0 to 3.0 cr.

Fall, winter, spring. Prereq.: Permission. Supervised work or research in a social service agency with approval of department. A term paper or formal report is required. Reading assignments may be required. See  internship guidelines. (INDEPENDENT WORK)