Lower Division Courses

THE-101 Theatre Ensemble 1.0 cr.

Fall, spring. Guided participation in the production of Department Mainstage productions. Students in this course will assist in the building of sets and costumes and/or lighting Mainstage plays. Students should be aware that the course runs only during the production build-time of the play (September through mid-November and February  through April). May be repeated for credit. (FINE ARTS)

THE-115 Introduction to Theatre 3.0 cr.

Appreciation of the live theatre event through a survey of its dominant philosophy, principles and practice. Supplemented by historical perspectives, reading representative plays and access to the production experience. (FINE ARTS)

THE-200 Introduction to Film Studies 3.0 cr.

Fall. This course will introduce students to the craft of film making so they may view movies with a more critical eye. The class will focus on film analysis, forms, genres, and technical aspects. The course will utilize lectures, film clips, and full features as part of the class experience and students will also learn techniques for writing critically about film.

THE-210 Stage Makeup 3.0 cr.

Fall. Alt. years. Prereq.: THE-115. Study of the principles, techniques and materials involved in the craft of stage makeup. This course will explore basic makeup techniques for stage actors as well as special makeup effects that may include: old age makeup, fantasy, and prosthetics. (FINE ARTS)

THE-211 Costume Skills 2.0 cr.

Fall/Spring. Study of the principles, techniques and materials involved in costume construction. Students will learn stitching techniques, sewing machine/serger operation, and fundamentals of choosing fabric for theatrical costuming. Extra Fee. (FINE ARTS)

THE-215 Fundamentals of Acting 3.0 cr.

Fall. An introduction to acting for the stage. Emphasis is placed on communication and exploration of character. Exercises involve both improvisation as well as work with scripted scenes. (FINE ARTS)

THE-216 Voice & Diction 3.0 cr.

Winter. Alt. years. Prereq.: THE-215 or permission. Exploration into the mechanics, articulation and vocal techniques vital to stage performers and other public speaking related fields. Uses text and exercises to free the voice, develop effective breathing, flexibility of vocal production and projection. Study of the International Phonetic Alphabet and its application to stage dialects will also be explored. (FINE ARTS)

THE-239 Stage Management 3.0 cr.

Prereq.: THE-240. An exploration of the process and principles of stage management. This course will teach students the tools used to confidently oversee the rehearsal and performance procedures of a stage production. Students will gain experience in organizing a prompt book, running a rehearsal, supervising crew chiefs and successfully calling a performance. Students will also be required to create a stage manager's kit. (FINE ARTS)

THE-240.1 Stagecraft 4.0 cr.

Fall, spring. Study of principles, techniques and materials involved in scenery construction and stage lighting. Lab linked to production. (FINE ARTS)

THE-270 Theatre & Arts Management 3.0 cr.

Alt. years. Company structure, financing, marketing, promotion, box office and house management associated with theatre and the performing arts. Lab (as appropriate) linked to production. (FINE ARTS)