Lawrence Henry Gipson Scholar Program

In 1972, the college established a program for students with superior high school records and named it in honor of Lawrence Henry Gipson, a distinguished historian, Rhodes Scholar and Pulitzer Prize winner who began his academic career at The College of Idaho in its early years.

The mission of the Gipson Honors Program is to give C of I students an opportunity to direct their own educations. Honors curricula are shaped by student-designed projects which are interdisciplinary, experiential inquiries into the natural sciences, social sciences, fine arts, or the humanities. High scholarship and senior honors papers or projects are expected of all participants. Gipson scholars develop individual program contracts and work within the spirit of the college's liberal arts objective.

To be eligible for the Gipson Honors Program, students must have one or more of the following:

Transfer students and exceptional students who do not meet these standards may petition the Honors Advisory Committee for entrance into the program. 

Maintenance of a 3.5 cumulative GPA is necessary for graduation as a Gipson Scholar.

For more information about the Gipson Scholar Program website.