Our Mission

The College of Idaho is a small, private, residential liberal arts college that prepares students to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

We offer a living and learning experience that engages students and equips them with the skills and understanding necessary to flourish in our rapidly changing, diverse, and technologically informed world. We emphasize frequent and meaningful interaction with faculty, staff, and administration, the exploration of challenging ideas, and a well-rounded course of study in the liberal arts disciplines -- the fine arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences -- enriched by pre-professional and interdisciplinary programs in tandem with co-curricular student life experiences. On our historic campus, as well as through internships, service opportunities and off-campus study, students become members of a community centered on exacting scholarship and life-long learning. We are committed to excellence in academic instruction and scholarship, and to the values of community, integrity, leadership, and service. Through these commitments, we strive to help students develop socially, physically, creatively, and intellectually as whole persons.

Living the Mission

As we successfully embody our mission, our students learn how to: