Admission Categories

Regular Admission

Freshmen applicants who have graduated from high school, presented acceptable GED scores in lieu of a high school record, or met the college’s home school policy (see section on home school applicants), and transfer applicants whose college record is of sufficient quality, may be admitted to the college in clear standing.

Conditional Admission

Students whose academic records suggest they would benefit from a reduced course load, participation in the college's study skills program, or enrollment in specified course work may be admitted on a conditional basis.

Probationary Admission

Students not meeting the minimum standard for regular or conditional admission may be admitted to the college on a probational basis. If admitted on a probational basis, the student will be immediately placed on academic probation (see section on academic standing). Applicants so admitted may enroll for only 12 to13 units of credit during the fall and spring and 5 units of credit during the winter session without receiving the permission of the college's Curriculum Council petition committee. Students on probation may not represent the college in intercollegiate athletics or receive institutional financial aid.