Lower Division Courses

BUS-100 Introduction to Business 3.0 cr.

Fall. An introduction to the private enterprise system and the component areas of business including: marketing, management finance, production, business and government relations, organized labor, and the ethical and social responsibilities of business organizations. This course is designed for non-majors.

BUS-199T.01 Special Topics: Foundations of Philanthropy 1.0 cr.

This course will present the different reasons, mechanisms, and principles being used to encourage philanthropy. Philanthropy will be discussed from two perspectives: those of non-profits seeking contributions, and those of foundations, companies and individuals giving to the non-profits. Students will be required to develop and present a "request for funding" as the final graded portion of the course. This course is intended for students in all majors.

BUS-150 Business Computer Applications 3.0 cr.

Fall, winter, spring. An introduction to research, analysis, and communication skills using information technology. This course is designed to offer life skills that all students can utilize through proper understanding and application of information technology. Current software programs will be taught to support problem-solving skills. All students, regardless of major, are encouraged to enroll.

BUS-200 Small Business Management 3.0 cr.

Fall. Prereq.: BUS-100 or permission Students develop their enterprising ability as a foundation for ongoing personal and professional growth. They also develop their understanding of the small business environment and entrepreneurship. During the semester, students create a business plan for a new venture as a way to integrate and apply the abilities and knowledge in marketing, finance, management and organization.

BUS-230 Personal Finance 2.0 cr.

Fall, first and second six weeks. Survival skills necessary to insure financial life after graduation. Students will discuss and develop a personal philosophy of spending, saving, and investing. Topics of consumption expenditures will include housing, insurance, investments, personal expenditures and the use of credit. Students will use computer programs to develop personal financial plans for the present and projections for the future.

BUS-232 Value Investing 3.0 cr.

Prereq.: ACC-221 or permission. A study of the principles and practices developed by the 'Dean' of financial analysis, Benjamin Graham. Students will learn principles of valuation based upon proven fundamental techniques practiced by successful investors like Warren Buffett for many decades. Graham's philosophy of investing will be contrasted with other views of investing and speculating, thus giving students a perspective on investing strategies.

BUS-294 Independent Study 1.0 to 3.0 cr.

Prereq.: Permission. Research in various areas of business for qualified students. This course will not fulfill the Liberal Arts Core requirement for independent work. See independent study guidelines. May be repeated.

BUS-299T.2 Fundamental Concepts in Business and Economics 3.0 cr.

This course is intended to develop basic business/economic concepts and skills needed for success. The focus will be on two aspects: basic terminology and basic understanding of how organizational systems work. Basic terms commonly used in our businesses and in the global economy will be presented & discussed. The basic laws/concepts behind common business activities and general economics will be presented, discussed and applied to current activities and problem areas as they interrelate at the individual business, national and global level.