Majors, Minors, Concentrations

Art Major

Consists of 32 to 33 credits, to include the following required courses:

Studio Courses
Art History Courses

A minimum of six credits is required. At least three must be on the 300-level.

Students seeking teacher certification with an art minor should consult a member of the Education Department.

Art Minor

Consists of 24 credits, to include:

Studio Courses
Art History Courses

A minimum of six credits is required. At least three must be on the 300-level.

Graphic Design Concentration (for Art Majors)

Consists of the requirements for the Art major plus:

Graphic Design Minor (not for Art Majors)

Consists of 17 to 18 credits to include:

Art History Concentration/Minor

The terms "concentration" and "minor" describe essentially the same thing. The former applies to art majors who specialize in art history; the latter to majors in other disciplines who do this.

It consists of 21 credits, three of which must include independent work in the form of an independent study or internship, i.e.

The remainder may be drawn from:

Please note: courses offered by other departments may also count toward the art history concentration/minor provided that they contain a strong visual arts component. Such courses can be found in the following departments:

Students should check with the Art Department faculty to confirm that a course they have chosen may indeed be counted toward the minor/concentration. In some cases an extra assignment or project may be required to make the course in question count towards the minor/concentration. Note that some of these courses are offered more frequently than others, and students should take this into account when making their academic plans.

Business & the Arts Major

As a joint program between the Business and Accounting department and the Performing and Fine Arts, this major offers students an opportunity to integrate an interest in the arts with an understanding of some of the practical applications of business. This major serves students preparing for careers in arts administration or management in music, theatre and the visual arts. It will also serve those who might want to create an independent gallery, ensemble, or theatre company.



Core course work in the Arts (5 to 7 credits in each of the three arts):

Art: (6 credits)
Music: (5-06 credits)
Theatre: (6-7 credits)

Core course work in Business (17-19 total credits)

Students choose course work in one focus in the arts:

Visual Art Focus (12 - 15 credits):
Music Focus (12 - 14 credits):
Theatre Focus (13 - 18 credits):

Other programs of study that may be of interest to Art majors include: