Major, Minor, Concentration

Anthropology/Sociology Major

Consists of 32 credits, 21 of which must be upper-division from the two fields of study. The following courses are required:

The Foreign Language Recommendation

Students selecting a major in Anthropology/Sociology are strongly encouraged to learn a modern foreign language.

Those who plan to continue in graduate school are advised to take a course in statistics. Students desiring teacher certification with a major in Anthropology/Sociology must consult with a member of the Education Department.

Human Services Concentration

Consists of the requirements for the Anthropology/Sociology major, plus:

The human services concentration will appear on the transcript with the Anthropology/Sociology major.

Anthropology/Sociology Minor

Consists of 21 credits, to be approved by the minor advisor in the department and the major advisor, and must include:

Other programs of study that my be of interest to Anthropology / Sociology majors include: