Majors, Minors, Concentrations

The College of Idaho has special arrangements with Boise State University, Gonzaga University, University of Idaho, and Willamette University, to facilitate admission into their graduate programs. This may be an attractive option for students with a strong interest in graduate work or in a career in accounting (Note: students are now required to have 150 semester credits before they can sit for the CPA exam). See the Cooperative Programs section of this catalog for specific requirements.

Business Major

The Business Major requires twelve credits of prerequisites and 32 credits of business courses


Business Core:


The Business Major is intended to help build and integrate the Liberal Arts and business competencies needed for students to succeed in twenty-first century organizations. In addition to the core courses emphasizing organizational leadership, ethics and core functions, students may choose a concentration, consisting of additional courses in finance, marketing, or accounting. The content of each concentration is listed below.


Business Core (above) plus:


Business Core (above) plus twelve credits chosen from:


Business Core (above) plus:

Self-Designed Concentrations

Individual concentrations can be arranged with prior approval of the student’s advisor and the Director of Business and Accounting. Business faculty work with faculty from other departments to help students design such concentrations based on each student's special interests and talents. (Note: All individual concentrations should be planned well in advance, ideally by the end of the student’s sophomore year).


The business major may not be combined with any other major or minor listed in the business section of this catalog.

Accounting Major (150 Hours)

There is an expectation that this program will take five years to complete. Students choosing this major must earn at least 74 credits outside of the Business and Accounting Department. The major also includes the following requirements:


Required Courses:

Sport and Fitness Management Major

The Sport and Fitness Management Major offers students an opportunity to combine business with fitness theory and practice. This major requires the Common Core of the Physical Education program as well as the following:


Business-International Political Economy Major

As a joint program between the Business and Accounting and Political Economy departments, this major combines two areas of related significance in a world of increasing economic globalization. This major serves students interested in preparing for careers in international business, government, or development (or further graduate work in Business or International Studies). Students pursing this major benefit by graduating with the applied skills and knowledge used in business and organizational environments in addition to an analytical understanding of international political and economic life.


Required Courses

The Business-International Political Economy major consists of 39 credits plus the foreign language requirement and includes the following:

Capstone Requirement

Students must satisfy a capstone requirement in one of three ways:
(1) Take POE-499, Senior Seminar: International Political Economy (3 credits); or
(2) Take BUS-491 and 492, Business & Accounting Capstone (8 credits); or
(3) Complete a three-credit internationally-oriented internship experience completed in the final semester of the student's Business-International Political Economy program and pre-approved by the student's major advisors from each of the Business and Accounting and Political Economy departments. Students pursuing the internship option must enroll in three credits of BUS-497, Internship or POE-497, Internship. BUS-494, Independent Study and POE-494, Independent Study cannot be substituted to satisfy the capstone requirement.

Foreign Language Requirement

Students pursuing this joint major must demonstrate a competence in one foreign language at the intermediate level. Competence will be measured by successful completion of two intermediate level college semester courses in a foreign language or by passing a standardized intermediate level foreign language examination.

Business, Language & Culture Major

This major combines the strengths of the Modern Foreign Language and Business and Accounting departments to offer students a combination of language and cultural fluency as well as business competencies. By melding these two areas, students in Business, Language, and Culture acquire abilities in foreign language and business practices that will allow them to apply their analytical and organization skills in multi-national and multi-cultural environments.

Through a focus on French, German, or Spanish, and the cultures that use these languages, students will become trained observers able to adjust to highly diverse cultural situations. They will also reach competency levels in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing their chosen language, which will enable them to communicate directly with counterparts or clients in the target culture.

Business, Language, and Culture students will fulfill the following Business requirements, and they will meet the Modern Foreign Language proficiency equivalent in French, German, or Spanish as set out below. They will complete upper-division Literature & Society or Topics courses in the same language. The Capstone Experience for Business, Language, and Culture fuses students' competencies and theoretical skills from both fields. They may elect either an International Internship or an Immersion Experience Project as a demonstration of their abilities in their combined discipline.


Language proficiency equivalent of:

MFL Topics.

Minimum of six credits:

Experiential learning.

Minimum of three credits:

Business Component


Core Courses

Modern Foreign Language Requirement (French, German, or Spanish).

This requirement asks for a minimum of twenty-one credits.

Business & the Arts Major

As a joint program between the Business and Accounting department and the Performing and Fine Arts, this major offers students an opportunity to integrate an interest in the arts with an understanding of some of the practical applications of business. This major serves students preparing for careers in arts administration or management in music, theatre and the visual arts. It will also serve those who might want to create an independent gallery, ensemble, or theatre company.



Core course work in the Arts (5 to 7 credits in each of the three arts):

Art: (6 credits)
Music: (5-6 credits)
Theatre: (6-7 credits)

Core course work in Business (17-19 total credits)

Students choose course work in one focus in the arts:

Visual Art Focus (12 - 15 credits):
Music Focus (12 - 14 credits):
Theatre Focus (13 - 18 credits):

The Business Minor

The Business minor offers students majoring in other disciplines an opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of business in order to advance their career interests and/or qualify for employment in a business or other organization.

The prerequisites for the minor are the same as those for the major:

Required Courses:

Other programs of study that may be of interest to students in the Business and Accounting Department include: