Crime in Society

The Crime in Society minor offers a distinctly liberal arts approach to the burgeoning field of criminal justice studies. This program offers students the opportunity to investigate the field from at least six disciplinary perspectives. Equipped with a broad range of analytical tools, Crime in Society minors will investigate such matters as criminal behavior, incarceration, rehabilitation, and recidivism. The Prison Experience capstone course, during which students visit a variety of adult and juvenile corrections facilities, provides direct contact with prisons as well as insight into prison life. Equally important, the off-campus component of the capstone course provides the means by which students are placed directly into the field. The internship allows students to gain valuable work experience in regional facilities, providing vital hands-on experience and forging important connections for future employment. For information, contact Robin Lorentzen or Diane Raptosh.

The minor consists of 21 credits from among six disciplines. Required course work includes the six-hour integrative course, The Prison Experience (ENG-368 or SOC-368). In consultation with the advisor, students choose additional 15 credits from the courses listed below.

Required Courses: