Leadership Studies Minor

Leadership is a specialized ability necessary for success in particular endeavors and for success in life in general. All the key institutions in our society -- arts, business, education, government, health care, human services, religious, scientific and social -- require effective leaders.

Leadership Studies is a multidisciplinary minor designed to fit the liberal arts curriculum of the college. It consists of 22 credits, to include the following required courses:

Students, in consultation with their major advisor(s) and the Leadership program coordinator, elect other courses that match their organizational and career interests. They may also complete an internship or independent study with an organization. A specific plan will be developed in consultation with the Leadership program coordinator.

Leadership 101 and 102 are usually taken in the freshmen year; 201 and 202 in the sophomore year, 396 and 496 in the junior and senior years. The Leadership Seminars are designed to help students integrate curricular and co-curricular programs into a strategy for continuing leadership development. Unless students have public speaking training, they are also required to take Speech 105 or 111. A course required in a student’s major field of study may not be counted as part of this minor.