Mathematical and Physical Sciences Department

The Mathematical & Physical Sciences Department provides an engaging and pragmatic curriculum that fosters student understanding of the nature, simplicity and structure of mathematics and physical sciences and encourages exploration in the areas of computational methods and mathematical applications. The Mathematical & Physical Sciences Department promotes a supportive learning community and offers an exciting opportunity for students and faculty to learn and grow personally and intellectually. In the liberal arts tradition, our faculty help and encourage students to develop critical skills necessary for understanding a changing, diverse and technological world. The department is strongly committed to giving its majors a solid and broad-based mathematical and physical science foundation that is tailored to students who seek professional careers after graduation as well as those who choose further studies in graduate school.

By successfully completing a major or minor in the mathematical and/or physical sciences, a student will be able to:

Entry into the mathematical & physical sciences curriculum is determined by previous coursework. Typically, students with a strong interest and a good background in mathematics begin with Calculus. Some students with very strong high school backgrounds may begin in second-year level courses, while others might begin with Pre-calculus or College Algebra.

Note: Generally, an understanding of first-year calculus is assumed for mathematics courses numbered 231 or higher.