Majors and Minors

Modern Languages Major in Spanish

Consists of 32 credits:

Business, Language & Culture Major

This major combines the strengths of the Modern Foreign Language and Business and Accounting departments to offer students a combination of language and cultural fluency as well as business competencies. By melding these two areas, students in Business, Language, and Culture acquire abilities in foreign language and business practices that will allow them to apply their analytical and organization skills in multi-national and multi-cultural environments.

Through a focus on French, German, or Spanish, and the cultures that use these languages, students will become trained observers able to adjust to highly diverse cultural situations. They will also reach competency levels in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing their chosen language, which will enable them to communicate directly with counterparts or clients in the target culture.

Business, Language, and Culture students will fulfill the following Business requirements, and they will meet the Modern Foreign Language proficiency equivalent in French, German, or Spanish as set out below. They will complete upper-division Literature & Society or Topics courses in the same language. The Capstone Experience for Business, Language, and Culture fuses students' competencies and theoretical skills from both fields. They may elect either an International Internship or an Immersion Experience Project as a demonstration of their abilities in their combined discipline.

Modern Foreign Language Requirement (French, German, or Spanish).

This requirement asks for a minimum of twenty-one credits.


Language proficiency equivalent of:

MFL Topics

Minimum of six credits:

Experiential learning.

Minimum of three credits:

Business Component


Core Courses

Modern Languages Minor in French, German, or Spanish Consists of:

Bilingual Education Minor

Consists of:

Teaching English as a Second Language Minor

Consists of:

Teaching Certification in a Modern Foreign Language

Consists of:

Other programs of study that may be of interest to students studying modern foreign languages include: