Additional Requirements

In addition to the core requirements for ensembles, music majors must enroll in a large ensemble that is compatible with their applied instrument, during every term of enrollment. For example, a voice major will enroll in Chorale, a violin major in Sinfonia, etc. Piano students may enroll in Chorale, Concert Band, or Sinfonia. Consult the course descriptions of ensembles for more information on which is appropriate. Students may choose to play or sing in several ensembles, but only one per semester may count toward the degree requirements. A general rule of thumb should be that the total time required of a student should not exceed 10 hours of ensemble rehearsal per week.

The study of applied music requires continued practice in the same instrument (voice, clarinet, cello, etc.) throughout the degree plan. The only exceptions to this are noted in the requirements for those concentrations that specifically call for multiple applied areas. Students are encouraged to explore other applied areas but are required to concentrate on a single one. As an adjunct to the performance of music, musicians must listen to others perform. Music majors are expected to attend concerts and recitals, making an effort to hear music as often as possible. All music majors taking applied lessons are required to perform a jury at the end of each semester.

A full-length, solo, senior recital is a graduation requirement for students with concentrations in applied music. Students must pass a faculty hearing at least one month prior to the recital date in order to present a recital. Students emphasizing music education are encouraged to present at least a half recital, which may be shared with another student. Details and specific requirements are available in the Department office.

All music majors are strongly urged to take a widely diverse program of study outside of music. A total of 74 credits in courses outside the music department must be earned in order to graduate. The department encourages applied majors in voice to take courses in French and German. Music majors in the other areas should consider taking German if they plan to attend graduate school. Music majors must take at least one credit in either Theatre or Art to fulfill the Liberal Arts Core requirement in Fine Arts.

Private instruction is available to students of all majors, except for students taking lessons with adjunct faculty. Only music majors and minors, who are enrolled in Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble or Sinfonia may take private lessons from adjunct faculty. This does not include piano students taking lessons from the piano adjunct faculty. An extra fee will be charged for private lessons. Applied music lessons continue through the winter session, but at half the credit offered in the fall and spring semesters. For purposes of fulfilling the music core requirements in applied music, two winter sessions equal one semester.