Physical Education Majors and Minors

All majors must take the following common core:

Physical Education Major

The major in physical education teaching leads to K-12 or standard secondary teacher certification. Students desiring certification must meet the requirements
listed in the Education Department.

Consists of the common core and the following:

Exercise Science Major

The major in exercise science supplies students with a strong foundation for graduate studies in exercise physiology, biomechanics, cardiac rehabilitation, sports medicine, physical therapy and allied health fields.

Consists of the common core and 15 credits chosen from the following:

Sport and Fitness Management Major

The Sport and Fitness Management Major offers students an opportunity to combine business with fitness theory and practice. This major requires the Common Core of the Physical Education program as well as the following:


Coaching Minor


Other programs of study that may be of interest to physical education, exercise science and sport fitness management majors include: