Theatre Major and Minor

Theatre Major

Consists of 32 credits, including the following required courses:

Additional course work to total 32 credits. Participation in main stage productions is expected. Special emphases in acting/directing, design/technology, music theatre or theatre management are available.

Theatre Minor

Consists of 22 credits, to include:

Additional course work to total 22 credits. Participation in main stage productions is recommended.

Business & the Arts Major

As a joint program between the Business and Accounting department and the Performing and Fine Arts, this major offers students an opportunity to integrate an interest in the arts with an understanding of some of the practical applications of business. This major serves students preparing for careers in arts administration or management in music, theatre and the visual arts. It will also serve those who might want to create an independent gallery, ensemble, or theatre company.



Core course work in the Arts (5 to 7 credits in each of the three arts):

Art: (6 credits)
Music: (5-6 credits)
Theatre: (6-7 credits)

Core course work in Business (17-19 total credits)

Students choose course work in one focus in the arts:

Visual Art Focus (12 - 15 credits):
Music Focus (12 - 14 credits):
Theatre Focus (13 - 18 credits):

Other courses and programs of study that may be of interest to majors in the Theatre Department include: