University of Idaho Dual-Degree Program in Engineering (BA/BS)

To receive the dual-degree in engineering, students must satisfy the Liberal Arts Core requirements of both The College of Idaho and the University of Idaho. Because of the commonality of the two sets of requirements, courses taken to complete The College of Idaho requirements essentially complete the University of Idaho requirements. Students should also be aware that the University will only accept for transfer credit those courses in chemistry, mathematics and physics in which the student has a grade of C or better.

The following courses are required for The College of Idaho mathematics-physics major. These same courses are required by most of the engineering programs at the University of Idaho.

The following College of Idaho courses are required by the individual engineering programs at the University of Idaho:

Courses at C of I
Agricultural Engineering Biological Systems Engineering Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering
Geological Engineering Manufacturing Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering Mining Engineering