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Anthropology / Sociology Department
Major, Minors, and Concentrations
Anthropology Courses - lower division
Anthropology Courses - upper division
Sociology Courses - lower division
Sociology Courses - upper division

Art Department
Major, Minors, and Concentrations
Art Courses - lower division
Art Courses - upper division

Biology Department
Major, Minors, and Concentrations
Biology Courses - lower division
Biology Courses - upper division

Business Department
Major, Minors, and Concentrations
Business Courses - lower division
Business Courses - upper division

Chemistry Department
Major, Minors, and Concentrations
Chemistry Courses - lower division
Chemistry Courses - upper division

Education Department
Education Courses - lower division
Education Courses - upper division
Education Courses - Graduate

English Department
Majors and Minors
English Courses - lower division
English Courses - upper division
Writing Courses

History Department
Majors, Minors, and Concentrations
History Courses - lower division
History Courses - upper division

Mathematical and Physical Sciences Department
Majors, Minors, and Dual Degrees
Mathematics Courses - lower division
Mathematics Courses - upper division
Computer Science Courses - lower division
Computer Science Courses - upper division
Physics Courses - lower division
Physics Courses - upper division
Geology Courses
Geography Courses

Modern Foreign Languages Department
Majors and Minors
Modern Foreign Language Courses - lower division
Modern Foreign Language Courses - upper division

Music Department
Majors, Minors, and Concentrations
Additional Requirements
Music Courses - lower division
Music Courses - upper division

Philosophy and Religion Department
Majors and Minors
Philosophy Courses - lower division
Philosophy Courses - upper division
Religion Courses - lower division
Religion Courses - upper division

Physical Education Department
Majors and Minors
Physical Education Courses - lower division
Physical Education Courses - upper division

Political Economy Department
Majors and Minors
Political Economy Courses - lower division
Political Economy Courses - upper division

Psychology Department
Majors and Minors
Psychology Courses - lower division
Psychology Courses - upper division

Theatre Department
Majors and Minors
Theatre Courses - lower division
Theatre Courses - upper division

Asian Studies
Asian Studies Courses

Crime and Society Minor

Environmental Studies
Major and Minor
Environmental Studies Courses

Gipson Scholar Program

Health Sciences
Health Sciences Courses

Interactive Journalism
Journalism Courses - lower division
Journalism Courses - upper division

Latin American Studies
Latin American Studies Courses

Leadership Studies
Leadership Studies Courses - lower division
Leadership Studies Courses - upper division

Military Science
Military Science Courses

Non-departmental Courses
Economics Courses
Study Skills Courses

Cooperative Programs
Master of Business Administration - BSU
Master of Business Administration - Gonzaga
Engineering - BSU
Engineering - UofI
Engineering - Columbia
Engineering - Washington
Juris doctor degree - UofI
Master of Management - Willamette
Master of Natural Resources - UofI
Nursing - ISU
Clinical Laboratory Science - ISU
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology - ISU
Master of Occupational Therapy - ISU
Master of Public Health - ISU
Master of Physician Assistant Studies - ISU
Doctor of Physical Therapy - ISU
Doctor of Pharmacy - ISU

Faculty and Administration
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