Special Opportunities

Pre-Professional Programs

Health Sciences

For many years, College of Idaho students have had an enviable record of acceptance into professional schools for medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry and physical therapy.

Those interested in these fields may choose a major in any department. Most students select a major in biology or chemistry.

Consultation with an academic advisor is essential to determine the prerequisites for admission to professional school. Part of the academic program should include the following: two years of chemistry, two years of upper-division biology, one year of physics and at least one year of mathematics, including calculus.

While entry into professional schools is very competitive, College of Idaho students who plan their course work carefully, who maintain a high level of academic competence (3.5 GPA or better) and who score well on the appropriate professional admission test have excellent chances for acceptance. International students considering further education in U.S. medical schools should contact the Director of International Student Recruiting or the registrar for assistance in filing the documents required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Recent College of Idaho graduates have been accepted into graduate programs at many fine institutions including Johns Hopkins University, the University of Arizona, University of California-Davis, University of Washington, Washington State University, Creighton University, University of Southern California, University of New Mexico, University of Nevada-Reno, Washington University in St. Louis, the Mayo Clinic and Yale Medical School. See Health Sciences.

Pre-Law Studies

The College of Idaho has a superior record in placing its graduates in law schools throughout the country. While there is no specific pre-law curriculum, students who intend to pursue a career in law are encouraged to take a broad liberal arts program including courses in English, philosophy, logic, mathematics and psychology. The college has also established a cooperative program with the University of Idaho College of Law. Students who qualify for this program may earn a bachelor's degree from The College of Idaho and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Idaho. See Cooperative Programs.

Dual Degree Programs

The college cooperates with several universities in offering dual bachelor degree programs in engineering, computer science, nursing, and clinical laboratory sciences. In addition, special cooperative programs have been established that lead to graduate degrees such as Master of Business Administration, Master of Management, Master of Natural Resources, Master of Economics and Doctor of Physical Therapy. See Cooperative Programs.