BIO-129   Murder, Medicine, & Magic 3 credits

Corequisites: BIO-129L

A study of ethnobotany - the uses people have made of plants. Topics include the uses of plants in various cultures for foods, fibers, shelter, beverages, medicines, rituals, and other ends. Emphasis will be placed on basic botanical principles (such as taxonomy, anatomy, evolution, chemistry), and the human needs (physiological, behavioral, cultural) that plants satisfy. When the laboratory is offered with the lecture, the laboratory is a required co-requisite course and the combination of the lecture and laboratory will count toward the natural science lab.

BIO-129L   Murder, Medicine, & Magic Laboratory 1 credit

Corequisites: BIO-129

This lab may or may not be scheduled along with the BIO-129 lecture. When the laboratory is scheduled with the lecture, it is a required co-requisite course.