Chemistry Department Majors

Chemistry Major

PEAKS | Natural Sciences & Mathematics |

The major course requirements are:

Students preparing for graduate work in chemistry are strongly advised to complete courses in addition to those required for the major (e.g., CHE-412, CHE-420 or CHE-451, MAT-112 and mathematics through MAT-352, Differential Equations, if possible).

Student Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing a major/minor in chemistry, a student will be able to:

  • Understand the major historical developments in chemistry and physics
  • Make calculations based on fundamental chemical laws
  • Explain the chemical laws using a variety of chemical theories
  • Know fundamental descriptive inorganic, analytical and organic chemistry
  • Apply principles of kinetics, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics
  • Use modern instruments of spectroscopy, chromatography and electrochemistry
  • Plan and execute experiments through the use of the chemical literature
  • Keep legible and complete experimental records
  • Anticipate, recognize and respond properly to chemical hazards
  • Analyze data statistically and assess reliability of results
  • Interpret experimental results and draw reasonable conclusions
  • Communicate effectively through oral and written reports