Political Economy Department

Traditionally, the study of politics and economics was combined. Modern thinkers like Adam Smith and John Locke were referred to as political economists: individuals who understood the intricate relationship between economics and politics. A push for specialization has led to a separation of the study into two distinct disciplines. Yet at The College of Idaho we recognize that a good understanding of either discipline really requires a good understanding of both. Consequently, we have created two interdisciplinary majors to serve the specific needs of our students. The Political Economy Major is specifically designed for students primarily interested in domestic politics, law, economics/business related careers, and public policy. The International Political Economy Major is specifically designed for students whose primary interests lie in the study of international politics, international economics/business, and foreign affairs. We also offer minors in Political Economy and International Political Economy.

The international political economy courses contain a strong interdisciplinary emphasis, incorporating relevant concepts and perspectives from other social science disciplines. Principles and philosophical concepts are presented within the respective historical context in which they developed to emphasize the importance of history and culture to the evolutionary development of national, regional and global entities. Particular emphasis is given to Asia and Europe.

The department has a 3+3 BA or BS/JD cooperative program with the University of Idaho whereby students can complete a Bachelor of Arts or Science from The College of Idaho and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Idaho. Students pursuing any major are encouraged to explore this unique opportunity. See the "Cooperative Programs" section for specific requirements.