Boise State University Dual-Degree Program in Engineering (BA/BS)

This agreement establishes a plan whereby an undergraduate student will attend The College of Idaho for approximately three (3) academic years and Boise State University for approximately two (2) academic years. After completing the academic requirements of the two cooperating institutions, the student will be concurrently awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics-Physics from The College of Idaho and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering from Boise State University.

Dual-degree engineering candidates from The College of Idaho are eligible to pursue a bachelor's degree in engineering in any of the following areas at Boise State University:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Any other area of Engineering to be offered in the future by Boise State University

(It is understood that The College of Idaho may delete any Boise State University program that is not compatible with The College of Idaho's educational offerings.)

The Study Program at The College of Idaho

The Dual Degree Coordinator (DDC) at Boise State University (BSU) is to be contacted concerning descriptions of course prerequisites and minimum course content. The various engineering curricula at BSU are arranged so that a student will take approximately 18 semester credit hours of humanities/social sciences in addition to appropriate courses in English composition. Some of these humanities/social science courses are prescribed while others can be selected by the student from an approved list available from the DDC at BSU.

The student must satisfy the Liberal Arts Core curriculum of The College of Idaho as well as those of Boise State University. A list of these requirements will be found in the current College of Idaho catalog. A careful selection of courses will allow the student to satisfy most of the graduation requirements of both institutions with the same group of courses.

If The College of Idaho cannot offer all of the courses listed below, or if the student is unable to schedule all of the courses, The College of Idaho agrees to allow transfer credit applicable toward The College of Idaho degree for such courses taken at BSU. The following amount of course credits in the specified areas must be included in the three-year study program taken at The College of Idaho according to the degree sought at BSU. Students transferring into The College of Idaho must satisfy the residency requirements of The College prior to being eligible for transfer to BSU.

The College of Idaho / BSU Study Program
Areas of Study BSU
Course No.
C of I
Course No.
Credit Hours


CM 111 SPE-105 3

First-Year Seminar

E 101 FYS-101 3

Humanities and Social Sciences


General Chemistry and Lab

C 131 (lecture)
C 132 (lab)
CHE-141 & 141L C of I = 4 credits each (3 lecture and 1 lab)
  CHE-142 & 142L BSU = 3 credits lecture and 1 lab

Physics (Calculus Based)

PH 211 PHY-271 4
PH 212 PHY-271L 1
PH 213 PHY-272 4
PH 214 PHY-272L 1

Calc or Calc & Analytic Geometry
Differential Equations
Multivariable and Vector Calculus

M 170 MAT-151 4
M 333 MAT-352 4

Computer Programming
**Engineering Graphics
Intro to Engineering
**Engineering Mechanics - Statics
**Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics

CS 113, 115, 117 ***
ENGR 130
CSC-139 2
ENGR 105 PHY-105 2
ENGR 120 PHY-170 3
ENGR 220 PHY-301 3



67 to 71

General Statement of Requirements

The total study program at The College of Idaho will require that the student complete 93 credits at that institution. The student will not attain full status at BSU in this program until this requirement is satisfied. The student pursuing the Dual-Degree Engineering Program may be jointly enrolled at both institutions, and while enrolled full-time at either institution, may take up to one course per term at the other institution at no additional cost for tuition and/or fees at the other institution for that course. Joint enrollment in accordance with this statement is subject to approval by both institutions.

Requirements for Approval

In order for a student to attain full status as a dual-degree candidate at BSU, the student must have:

  1. Completed 96 credits at The College of Idaho.
  2. A recommendation from the designated official at The College of Idaho.
  3. Satisfied the admission requirements of BSU for transfer students as specified in the BSU catalog in effect at the time of his/her matriculation in BSU.

Hours of Course Credit to be Required at Boise State University

The Dual-Degree program student will be required to complete a BSU study program which normally equals the number of credit hours required of juniors and seniors enrolled in the standard curriculum for the particular degree being sought. If the official study program at BSU for the dual-degree candidate includes free electives and the candidate has excessive hours by credit at The College of Idaho, these excess hours will be reviewed and, where appropriate, used to reduce the hours required at BSU.