British Studies Minor

The British Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary exploration of British society and culture. Any student interested in developing a rich perspective on the history, politics, and creative expressions of the British Isles through multiple disciplines will find the British Studies minor rewarding. The British studies minor allows students to choose from a wide variety of courses embedded in disciplines which have traditionally been engaged in fruitful dialogue with each other, thus enabling students to explore meaningful and complex connections between fields of study.

This minor qualifies for either the Fine Arts & Humanities or Social Science & History PEAK. Additionally, students need to complete a starred paper in the PEAK for which they are seeking credit.

Students are encouraged to undertake overseas studies such as The College of Idaho IND-307 course or the opportunities offered College of Idaho students to study in Northern Ireland.

This minor requires 15-18 credits. Students may choose from these courses in the following disciplines. Courses marked with an asterix (*) have a research-intensive component.

Humanities & Fine Arts PEAK

Social Science & History PEAK

*For a "starred papers" students must expand a paper they have written for one of their British Studies related courses. These will be graded on a pass/fail basis by the faculty member who originally supervised the project and should constitute a polished piece of work that serves as the student's highest achievement in the minor.

Prerequisite note: students must take at least one ENG-299T course before enrolling in a 300-level course in British literature.)

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking
  • Analytical Writing
  • Problem Solving
  • Written Communication
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how historical and cultural contexts of the British Isles inform and influence specific events or creative expressions
  • Demonstrate an understanding of what areas and forms of inquiry are considered meaningful in British Studies through framing relevant research questions.
  • Analyze and apply pertinent scholarship on British history, literature, or music