Creative Writing Minor

The Creative Writing Minor is designed for the student who has interest in developing skills as a creative writer (in fiction, poetry, and/or creative nonfiction) and in pursuing the formal study of literature as a form of cultural expression. The study of creative writing involves: producing original works of creative writing in more than one genre; exploring major literary traditions and literary-theoretical perspectives; examining the ways in which literature shapes and influences culture; recognizing the socio-cultural and historical contexts of literature; and examining one's own socio-cultural position as a writer. The Creative Writing Minor fulfills the Humanities PEAK.

The Creative Writing Minor consists of 18 credits:

*Workshops may be repeated at the 300-level.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Communicate clearly, persuasively and confidently in writing
  • Critically interpret literature
  • Understand and interpret literature as a form of human imagination and expression
  • Understand how the literary tradition has helped shape the world
  • Critical Thinking

In addition, in successfully completing a minor in Creative Writing students should be able to:

  • produce polished creative written work and articulate the place of that work in the literary tradition (with regard to traditions of genre and literary history)
  • discuss the socio-cultural and historical contexts of literature
  • demonstrate a basic familiarity with major literary traditions and themes
  • contribute meaningfully to creative writing workshop discussions of the works of both their peers and professional, published authors
  • discuss some of the ways in which their own encounters with texts are shaped and limited by culturally-influenced assumptions concerning individuality, situatedness, and reality.