Engineering and Applied Science Program at Washington University Dual-Degree Program (BA/BS)

To qualify for this program, students must complete a minimum of 70-90 semester hours of transferable college credit. Note that courses with grades below C- do not transfer. Students must also have a recommendation from the Dual Degree Liaison Officer and a grade point average of 3.25 or better both overall and in science and mathematics courses. Students below this standard will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must also submit at least one letter of recommendation from at least one science or mathematics professor.

The following course work is also required:

  • Mathematics
    A calculus sequence that includes exposure to multivariable calculus plus a separate course in differential equations.
  • Physics
    One-year calculus based sequence with lab.
  • Chemistry
    All students: one-year sequence with lab.
    Chemical engineering students only: one-year sequence in organic chemistry.
  • Computer Programming
    One course or certified proficiency in a high level language. The language of preference depends on the intended major.
  • Statics/Dynamics
    Civil and mechanical engineering students only.
  • Biology
    Biomedical engineering only: A fundamental biology sequence plus a course in cell biology.
  • English Composition
    One course, acceptable examination scores or college certification of proficiency.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
    No fewer than 18 semester hours in approved areas. This sequence must include an area of emphasis consisting of eight credits in one department with at least one course at the upper-division level (junior/senior, 300-400).