Health Education Minor

The Health Education minor is 19 to 20 credits and approaches health and health issues from an educational perspective. Students may use this minor to work in health clubs, retirement centers or teaching grades 6-12.

Students seeking Idaho State Department of Education certification, grades 6-12, must also take the following courses:

Student Learning Outcomes

  • To develop a philosophy and understanding of the role that Health Education plays within the scope of a communities needs, beliefs and values.
  • To identfiy health needs, interests, attitudes, behaviors and principles involved in Health instruction.
  • To demonstrate knowledge of the direct, integrated, correlated and conceptual approaches to humanistic instruction.
  • Understand the concepts, principles and relationships of sexuality, disease, recovery, and death as they relate to exercise, health and behavior of the individual, school or community.
  • Develop positive learning strategies and outcomes that link the individual, school and community to positive health and behavioral changes.
  • To encourage indivduals, schools and communities to promote healthy choices and practices