Health Professions Studies Minor

The Health Professions Studies Minor prepares students for entry into a variety of Health Professions programs. Several tracks are offered; thus, students may choose the track that fits most closely with their professional goals.

Core Requirements

This minor requires the following core of courses in addition to the specific courses listed for each track:


Although requirements for school admission are similar for most schools, there are some important differences. Thus, the student should check specific requirements for prospective schools.

Pre-Med Track

The track includes 31-36 credits as follows:

Pre-Dental Track

The track includes 31-36 credits as follows:


Pre-Veterinary Track

The minor includes 27-30 credits as follows:

Pre-Optometry Track

The track includes 37-40 credits as follows:


Pre-Physician Assistant Track

The track includes 25 credits as follows:

Pre-Pharmacy Track

The track includes 35-37 credits as follows:


Pre-Physical Therapy Track

The track consists of 38-40 credits as follows:

Pre-Occupational Therapy Track

The track consists of 30-31 credits as follows:


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will complete pre-requisite courses for graduate/professional program of interest.
  • Students will gain research or internship experience in their area of professional interest, further preparing them for a professional program in the field.
  • Students will have a grounding in the biological and physical sciences.