Mathematics - Physics Major

The Mathematics and Physical Sciences Core encourages all majors and minors in our Department to experience similar theoretical, analytical, and algorithmic viewpoints. This collection of courses incorporates programming, problem-solving, abstract analysis, and applications.

Students pursuing a mathematics-physics major must complete the core courses and satisfy the following requirements:

*Courses numbered 300 or above.

Note: Students interested in graduate work in physics are strongly encouraged to take PHY-240/240L, all upper-division physics courses (300 and 400 level) and MAT-431 Complex Variables. Some facility with general-purpose programming is strongly urged.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Communicates effectively, using the language, concepts, and processes of mathematics and physics.
  • Uses the methodologies of mathematics and physics to define and solve problems independently and collaboratively.
  • Uses a wide variety of laboratory techniques with accuracy and precision.
  • Finds, selects, and uses appropriate scientific and mathematical information to support his/her work.
  • Uses different strategies to analyze and synthesize physical data.
  • Critiques the data, strategies, and models used in mathematics and physics.