Secondary Music Education Major

Music plays an integral part in the human experience, and the Secondary Music Education Major prepares students for a life of learning about music and a teaching career in the secondary schools. The major is a precertification program and is designed so that the student chooses either the vocal or instrumental track and simultaneously completes a minor in Education Studies. Following graduation the student may complete the fifth-year program offered by the Education Department, which results in a teaching certificate in secondary music education.

Students in the major acquire analytical tools to help them critique and analyze the way music is constructed, and using these tools they learn a broad knowledge of history and music literature. They develop advanced listening and performing skills and solve compositional, historical-cultural, and performance problems. Communication is at the core of music, and students develop the ability to research and write about music and to communicate musically. As educators they acquire experience playing multiple instruments, and they develop the ability to conduct large-scale musical scores. They also learn classroom management skills particular to music education and then practice these various skills in an ensemble setting.

Students choose either the Vocal Track or Instrumental Track within the Secondary Music Education Major.

Vocal Track Requirements:

Instrumental Track Requirements:

*Students with music scholarships may be required to take additional semesters of applied lessons and ensembles to maintain their scholarships. These additional credits do not count toward the major.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Analytical reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Fluency in analyzing tonal music
  • Knowledge of key historical periods in music, including composers, music, styles, and aesthetics
  • Ability to write and research regarding music
  • Advanced performance abilities
  • Conduct a large-scale score
  • Knowledge of methods and management skills for the music classroom