Asian Studies Courses (ASN)

ASN-294   Independent Study 1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Permission

Student will undertake a special project on a selected topic related to Asian Studies under the guidance of an ASN professor. Independent studies cannot substitute for specific course requirements in the minor. See independent study guidelines.

ASN-302.1   Southeast Asia: Traditions and Transitions 2 credits

This course is a prerequisite for the winter off-campus study course ASN 302.2 of the same name. Preparation for off-campus study is emphasized through directed readings, discussion, and paper writing.

ASN-302.2   Southeast Asia: Traditions and Transitions 4 credits

Prerequisites: ASN-302.1 and permission

This winter term course is an off-campus interdisciplinary study of Southeast Asian countries emphasizing history, culture and political economy. Over four weeks of the course are spent in Southeast Asia where cross-country study centers on thematic topics. The topics and countries visited vary from year-to-year according to the selected theme. Course readings typically include scholarly texts, personal memoirs, and travel literature.

ASN-305.1   China: Trade, Commerce, & Culture 2 credits

Prerequisites: Permission

Spring 2012. This course is a prerequisite for the summer 2012 off-campus study course ASN 305.2 of the same name. It consists of classroom coursework intended to provide students with a deeper understanding of the history, society, and political economy of China, focusing on the peripheral areas of southwestern China. Students are strongly recommended to take additional coursework in History or Political Economy related to China prior to this advanced course.

ASN-305.2   China: Trade, Commerce, & Culture 4 credits

Prerequisites: ASN-305.1 & permission

Summer 2012. This course will examine the legacies of trade and the current impact of globalization along China's historic Tea Horse Road, which at its height stretched nearly four thousand kilometers from the southwestern provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan all the way into Tibet. This class is divided into two parts. The summer portion of the course consists of a study tour to China, during which time students and professors will travel to China for approximately one month from mid-May to mid-June to experience firsthand many of the topics covered in class. Application to the program is competitive. Students who have extensive preparation in Asian studies will be given priority in selection for the trip; all students will be expected to have taken at least one course on modern China from either Professor Snyder-Reinke or Professor Dayley prior to departure.

ASN-494   Independent Study 3 credits

Prerequisites: Permission

Research for capstone senior project to be conducted in consultation with a project advisor. Students must design, propose, and execute an original project to be formally presented to Asian Studies faculty and students. See independent study guidelines.