BUS-492   Business & Accounting Capstone 4 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-360, BUS-391, and BUS-491; or permission

The Business Capstone course will provide opportunity for each student to integrate and apply all of what he/she has learned while at C of I. As a true liberal arts capstone, students will need to draw on their knowledge of areas such as politics, culture, history, math and business, to analyze organizational situations and recommend effective solutions. The first semester of the course will teach and practice organizational management models that will allow the student to develop their own models for how all the pieces fit together and can used. Students will then integrate and apply their study by analyzing strategy, ethics and integrity, leadership, principles of management, human resource management, organizational behavior and international business. In both semesters, students will develop written analyzes and practical solutions for current organizational issues. Throughout the capstone experience, students will utilize simulations, case studies, individual research papers and team projects to learn how to be successful in twenty first century organizations.