KIN-312   Health Related Fitness & Exercise Prescription 3 credits

Prerequisites: BIO-120, BIO-220, CHE-141, KIN-102 and MAT-111 or higher. MAT-112 or higher is preferred.

A course of study that will exam the rationale for testing, risk stratification and risk factors, patient screening, contraindications to testing, lead systems/prepping, conducting the exercise test (patient instructions, informed consent, flow of test), testing modalities/protocals, metabolic calculations, interpretation of GXT results, when to stop testing, nuclear testing, pharmacological testing, exercise echocardiography, medications, crash cart and emergency medications, exercise prescription (Basics, Environmental concerns, Phase I-IV, Special Populations (LVdysfunction, transplants, diabetes, COPD, PVD, pregnancy, and PCTA). Case studies and station examinations will be used for evaluation.