Leadership Courses (LSP)

LSP-101   Leadership Development 2 credits

A study of leadership roles and skills in college organization and activities. The course is designed for students who want to assume leadership positions during college and their careers afterwards. Should be taken in the freshman year. Limited enrollment.

LSP-201   Leadership Theories, Styles, & Realities 2 credits

This course is designed to challenge students to apply the theoretical and philosophical aspects of leadership to their organizations. Topics addressed include leadership style, motivation, group process, team building, communication, power and authority, and ethics in leadership.

LSP-299T.01   Special Topics: Christian Servant Leadership 3 credits

Prerequisites: LSP-101 & LSP-201

This course helps participants build a theological, theoretical and practical foundation for becoming effective leaders for spiritual growth in a Christian context. The course will focus on introduction to the literature, theory, and practice of Christian Leadership including Biblical leadership models, leadership styles; leadership and values; the historical development of leadership theories; and basic communication skills, vision, teamwork, group dynamics, decision-making, and conflict resolution.

LSP-299T.2   Special Topics: Leadership in Business 3 credits

Prerequisites: LSP-101 & LSP-201

This course helps participants build a theuretical and practical foundation for becoming effective leaders and managers in business and other organizations. This class is taught annually.

LSP-299T.3   Special Topics: Outdoor Leadership 3 credits

Prerequisites: LSP-101 & LSP-201

Outdoor Leadership Special Topics is designed to teach students competencies in communication skills, problem solving, and decision-making for individual and group development, using a creative, experiential learning approach. Key topics that will be examined include, but not limited to, risk management, safety, organization, and activity specific techniques as they are related to outdoor pursuits in outdoor recreation. The learning environment will transition back and forth from case study analysis in the classroom and the applied components in the field. Certification is not an outcome for taking this class.

LSP-494   Independent Study 1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Permission

This culminating experience provides students with the opportunity to pursue an approved interdisciplinary project of choice to increase their understanding of leadership effectiveness in the real world. See independent study guidelines.

LSP-496   Leadership Seminar 1 credit

Prerequisites: LSP-299T (any version)

May be repeated for a maximum of 3 credits. A continuous series of seminars each semester for seniors. Leadership competencies such as communication, problem solving, decision making, objective setting and self-development are emphasized throughout. Organizational sponsors and mentors are involved in the seminar.

LSP-497   Internship 1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Permission

The intern will assume the role of leadership at an approved site to apply the theoretical aspects of leadership in a real organization. In addition to meeting the onsite requirement of the internship sponsor, students will share their interpretation of organizational dynamics during campus seminar sessions. See internship guidelines.