Chemistry Department

Chemistry is an experimental science. Classroom and laboratory work combine to form a unique, personalized education, which can lead to a successful career or entrance into medical, dental, graduate, or other professional schools.

The Chemistry Department is located in Boone Science Hall, which houses the classrooms, laboratories, computers, and equipment necessary for the study of the natural sciences. Senior faculty, rather than student assistants, direct all laboratory and class instruction.

Opportunities are available for independent study conducted individually or as a member of a research team. Research projects in areas such as pollution analysis, toxicity studies, chemical synthesis, biochemistry, molecular modeling, free radical chemistry, flavonoids and chemical kinetics are encouraged for both lower and upper-division students. Summer research opportunities are also available. Internships can be designed to match individual backgrounds and interests.

Pre-professional students seeking advanced degrees in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science, should give serious consideration to a chemistry major, as well as the courses CHE-412 Biochemistry, BIO-120 Frontiers in Biology, BIO-220 Organismal Biology, BIO-330 Cell Biology, BIO-356 Molecular Biology, and BIO-374 Animal Physiology.