Education Department

The purpose of the Education Department is to provide well-developed programs firmly rooted in the liberal arts which will enable those completing them to become certified elementary and secondary classroom teachers.


Students enrolled in education programs leading to certification as secondary teachers must complete a content major that is approved as a first teaching field and a specialized minor of at least 20 credits for a second teaching field in addition to the education minor. These are prerequisites for admission to the graduate level fifth-year internship or Master of Arts in Teaching that lead to recommendation for certification.


Students preparing to teach at the elementary level will complete the interdisciplinary Elementary Precertification major that meets the PEAK requirements for Professional Studies and Enhancements, Social Sciences and History, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics. This major as part of a bachelorís degree is a prerequisite for admission to the graduate level fifth-year internship or Master of Arts in Teaching programs which lead to recommendation for certification.

Throughout the Education Studies Program, students will maintain a portfolio which will be used to assess their progress. There will be three times when portfolios will be formally assessed: at the end of the Introduction to Teaching course, at the end of their four years of study prior to beginning the internship, and at the end of the internship.

Both elementary and secondary education students may elect to complete a minor in reading education, English as a Second Language or bilingual education.

Admission to the Undergraduate Education Program

Students normally apply for admission to the Education Studies Program when they are sophomores. Transfer students and those who decide to pursue a teaching career after the sophomore year should meet with an advisor in the Education Department. Acceptance into the program is contingent upon the following criteria:

Graduate Programs

Recommendation for certification requires completion of either a graduate level fifth year program or the Masters of Arts and Teaching. These programs are described in the Graduate Catalog.