Business Administration Major

The Business Major requires twelve credits of prerequisites and 32 credits of business courses.

Major Requirements:

Business Core


The Business Major is intended to help build and integrate the Liberal Arts and business competencies needed for students to succeed in twenty-first century organizations. In addition to the core courses emphasizing organizational leadership, ethics and core functions, students may choose a concentration, consisting of additional courses in finance, marketing, or accounting. The content of each concentration is listed below.


Business Core (above) plus:


Business Core (above) plus twelve credits chosen from:



Business Core (above) plus:

Self-Designed Concentrations

Individual concentrations can be arranged with prior approval of the student's advisor and the Director of Business and Accounting. Business faculty work with faculty from other departments to help students design such concentrations based on each student's special interests and talents. (Note: All individual concentrations should be planned well in advance, ideally by the end of the student's sophomore year).



Students may not get both the Business Administration Major and the Accounting Major.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • To help students develop a professional attitude and approach to work in business and other settings.
  • To help students refine an ethical standard that is humane, rational, and consistent with a focus on service to society.
  • To help students develop the ability in a business and societal context to think critically, reason analytically, solve both quantitative and qualitative problems effectively, and express oneself convincingly both orally and in writing
  • To help students gain in-depth knowledge of economic analysis, business computer applications, accounting, marketing, business law, organizational behavior, human relations, quantitative business analysis, and strategic management.
  • To help students apply the abilities and knowledge gained to compete favorably for admission to graduate programs and for employment.