Criminal Justice Studies Minor

The Criminal Justice Studies (CJS) minor offers a distinctly liberal arts approach to the burgeoning field of criminal justice studies. This program offers students the opportunity to investigate the field from a number of disciplinary perspectives. The Prison Experience capstone course, during which students visit a variety of adult and juvenile facilities, provides direct contact with prisons, insights into prison life, and the means by which students can enter the field. The internship option provides additional valuable experience in regional facilities, forging connections for future employment

Minor Requirements (18 credits):

Social Science & History PEAK

Humanities & Fine Arts PEAK


Professional Studies & Enhancement PEAK

*Six weeks before graduation, students will submit a portfolio of relevant work completed for the minor, such as exams and papers, including a two-page essay describing important academic lessons and skills acquired in this minor.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical thinking about the field from a number of disciplinary perspectives
  • Analytical reasoning applied to crime- and prison-related arguments
  • Problem solving in regards to social, political economy, and humanitarian issues
  • Written communication through intensive journals, research and response papers
  • First-hand experience visiting adult & juvenile correctional facilities
  • Opportunities to explore criminal justice-related professions