Journalism Minor

The Journalism minor presents the fundamentals of the profession. Classes introduce the student to the history of the profession, examine ethical questions that journalists confront and explore the remarkable transformation that contemporary media are undergoing. Each student minoring in journalism is expected to develop a capstone project, contribute to campus publications and complete an internship. Working journalists regularly visit the classes to share their experiences. All the coures are writing intensive and include both a presentation of research and reporting as well as a portfolio of papers.

Minor Requirements (16 - 18 credits):

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
  • Written Communication
  • Journalism minors should demonstrate the ability to research, report and edit according to professional standards. They are expected to be proficient nonfiction writers and undertstand the history of the field. They need to apply ethical standards in their reporting, interviewing and show that they can do thorough and thoughful research for articles. In addition they must demonstrate an understanding of the methods and uses of multimedia in journalism today.