Latin American Studies Minor

Latin America is a region composed of over twenty nations that have played a critical role in shaping the history of the modern world. Today, the region is home to over half a billion people who are the descendents of American Indians, Europeans, Africans, Asians, and Middle-Easterners. Economically and politically, Latin America is intimately tied to the United States and is significant to contemporary global society. The Latin American Studies program in the Social Sciences and History PEAK encourages students to broaden their knowledge of the complex and diverse cultures and history of Latin America through an interdisciplinary approach that integrates Anthropology and History. This approach allows students to examine various themes that encompass and expand upon these disciplines and encourages the exploration of contemporary and historical social, cultural, economic, and political trends.

Although it is not required, students are encouraged to select an advisor who will guide the student's choice of courses toward a diverse experience in the minor. Overseas study immersion experiences are strongly encouraged, as is involvement in the local Latino/a community through internships or volunteer experiences. Students are strongly encouraged to complete 12 of the 16 credits required before the semester of their graduation.

Minor Requirements (16 credits):

*Six weeks before graduation, students will submit a portfolio of relevant work completed, such as exams and papers. In around 1000, but no more than 1500 words, students will complete an assessment of the most important academic lessons learned and skills acquired during their course of study. The evaluation must also provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the LAS PEAK. The portfolio will not be graded but it is required for completion of the minor.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
  • Written Communication
  • Additionally, students completing the Latin American Studies Minor will:
    • Develop broad knowledge of the diverse cultures and history of Latin America
    • Have opportunities to explore contemporary and historical social, cultural, economic, and political trends of Latin America
    • Familiarize themselves with basic anthropological and historical approaches and methods regarding the study of Latin America